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Welcome to Retro Network. A website dedicated to providing links/downloads for old computers since 2022

Questons about Retro Network

Q: Is Retro Network a company?

A: No. Retro Network is a website name not a company. Think of the former youtuber Kugee. He named his site Razorback

Q: Can i link Retro Network via my website?

A: absolutely! I even have a button you can put on your site. And who knows i might visit your site too :)

(Note to better support me it is best to set the URL as

Q: What led to the creation of Retro Network?

A: I felt that the modern web is getting bad with bloated ADS, laggy website designs, forced planned obsolescence and Rigged Search engine results. So i created Retro Network to give Old computers a chance to still browse the internet and older websites to not fall into obscurity due to rigged search results!

Q: Is Retro Network available on proxy services?

A: Yes! Retro Network was one of the founding sites of the ucanet D.N.S service (they even emailed me via the contact address :) ) and more recently it is now on Protoweb's  passthrough proxy service (which now allows Internet Explorer 1.5 to connect. Thanks lads!)

Q: Does Retro Network have social media?

A: NO. social media is kinda trash and does not work on old computers. Instead it has really simple syndication or RSS for short. It works on pretty much anything, is 100% free and there is no cringey algorithm telling you what you should read! go to to subscribe to the feed you want

Q: Do you have a mobile site?

A: YES! and its tested on old mobile hardware. You can check it out via

Q: Where are you located?

A: I can't tell you my exact location for privacy concerns. But i am located somewhere in Alberta Canada!

Q: i have a website/project i want featured on Retro Network's Site list can i contact you?

A: YES! i love personal project's and websites for old computers. But in order for it to be listed it must work on old computers. If the site works on old computers but the main site has HTTPS and or Google ADS. It will be listed as such. you can contact me via email

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