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Do you hate the bloated HTML 5 websites radio stations force you to use?

Do you wish you have the freedom to listen to online radio on your dedicated music player like Winamp?

Then Retro Network has the links for you. Thanks to Pionner VTuner i am able to download the .pls stream links and share it with you!

Click the Radio Station logo to download the stream link

Radio StationStation DescriptionFormatLocationBitRate
CBC Radio One As Canada’s national public broadcaster, CBC Radio One aims to provide a wide range of programming that informs, enlightens and entertains Canadians. Our programming is predominantly and distinctively Canadian, reflects all regions of the country and actively contributes to the exchange of cultural expression. News/VarietyCanada128kbs
CBC Radio 2Although most programming on CBC Radio 2 is exclusive to the network, some specialty programs, including The Vinyl Cafe, Vinyl Tap, Propos, Backstage with Ben Heppner and Canada Live, also air on Radio One in different time slots.VarietyCanada128kbs
24/7 VAPORWAVE  AESTHETIC  ON  THE  NETVaporwaveInternet128kbs
Radio CarolineBrodcasting since 1964 from the radio ship the Ross RevengeRockUnited Kingdomvarious
Radio Caroline FlashbackPure 1960s 70s Nostalgia from Caroline Flashback!OldiesUnited Kingdomvarious
Radio Caroline NorthPure nostalgia on 1368 kHz via Manx Radio
(Note this is a limited time radio station)
Radio Caroline north comes on the air once a month you can check the Programme Guide here to see when the next broadcast is
Radio Caroline North is currently
Off The Air!
Next Broadcast is on
October 15th 2022
OldiesUnited Kingdom112kbs