BREAKING NEWS: The Amazing World Of Gumball is going to be at the Annecy Film Festival. Check my BLOG for more information or go to the gumball reddit at r/gumball

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Gumball fans... This is it. Our version of D DAY
This morning (mountain time) the news was confirmed by the gumball reddit about 6 hours ago with it was a brand new promo image send out to news sites marking the first new gumball content since 2021

it is unkown what day on the festival will the gumball news event will be shown
heres a paragraph from yahoo news talking about the event

[One of Cartoon Network Studios’ most popular series of the 2010s, “The Amazing World of Gumball,” is being rebooted by Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe. Executive producers Ben Bocquelet and Matthew Layzell, series

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