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After 3 years of waiting the news is finally here

The news came from this Gumball reddit post so first off every attendee got a real life Joyful burger meal complete with a drink a bag and a burger box
Joyful burger meal

attendees got a burger sock
-Burger Sock

The actual panel was entirely about how the first episode of Season 7, confirmed to be called "The Burger" was made. (kinda ironic given the joyful burger merch)

after the panel a Q&A is hosted with the one and only Ben Boqculet! and of course someone in the crowd asked about the status of the movie to which Ben replyed that the movie is NOT canceled. He's working on it but with everything that happened, the movie changed and could be made but differently.
Someone else asked if an art book will be released. And Ben responded with if the movie's being made, they'll probably make one.

this is pretty big news but...


And finaly for a real treat for the attendees. They get to watch THE COMPLETE FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 7!

twitter user MidouMir described the plot

[NOTE to avoid spoliers the plot will be on a separate page]

Click here to read the plot

Also as stated before season 7's release date is 2025/2026

Other than that this page will stay on for 2 days after that it will be transfered to the Gumball Subsite under the directory /season7

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